Who We Are

Simuplast Engineering LLP is Pune based Plastics Engineering Consulting Firm, serving clients across the globe. We offer expert advice in product and process development across the full value chain. Our goal is to help companies reduce product development time and costs.

From turnkey product development, subassembly development, and engineering analysis to materials cost analysis and from design excellence to manufacturing cost reduction to ensure profitability, we provide comprehensive product engineering consulting services for leading companies around the globe.

At Simuplast Engineering LLP, we believe in embracing collaboration, simplifying complex engineering challenges, establishing effective supply chains, and planning for highest quality of manufacturing and delivery.  This puts in us in a position to tackle complex problems, simplify them and come up with solutions faster.

  • With globalization, many times, the design teams, engineers, testing facilities, prototyping facilities and other teams are not under same roof.
  • One of the biggest challenges faced by engineers today, is not just to design parts made of composite material with absolute confidence, but also to optimize the manufacturing process to get the best performance of the material itself.
  • This requires considering many factors, like the effect of the manufacturing process, compression and injection molding of the performance of the part, efficient supply chains and timely delivery to the market.

This is where we step in. Our decades of experience in plastics engineering covers the full value chain. We have worked with various R&D models like stage gate, continuous improvement and others, over the years. We advise you independently, confidentially, competently and with the highest level of expertise.

What We Do

Simuplast Engineering LLP specializes in engineering services for product development.

With our decades of deep experience in R&D for consumer products, consumer electronics, medical/surgical, automotive and other industries, we help you accelerate your product development cycle.

We can assist you in any one or more of following stages during product development cycle:

  • Concept : converting sketches to 3D CAD modeling (ProE, Solidworks)
  • Design Engineering : Material and Manufacturing method selection, DFMEA (design failure modes and effects analysis), Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Manufacture and Assembly
  • Validation: simulations, prototyping, testing
  • Tooling : tools (molds, jigs and fixture) design
  • Pre-Production : Tool(mold) Validation, Injection molding process set up/optimization, assembly set up, Jigs and Fixture design

We also offer support for VAVE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering) project like converting metal parts to plastics, weight reduction, alternative material/process selection, optimization.

Our Expertise

Our team of engineers have graduate (masters) degrees in mechanical engineering and experience in consumer, medical, surgical, automotive and other industrial domains.

With our deep expertise, strong relationships, and efficient processes, we help you bring innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products to market quickly, and all this while helping you maintain profitability throughout their life cycles.

  • Structural simulations – implicit (Ansys) and explicit solvers (Ls-Dyana)

  • Fluidics simulations – steady state and transient flows (CFX, Fluent)

  • Fluid structure interactions - multiphysics applications to increase simulation accuracy

  • DOE/Optimization – worked with most of the DOE and optimization methods

  • Plastic injection molding – part design, material section, mold design, decoupled (scientific) molding

  • We offer on-site support for mold design and mold validation.

Our partners (Tespo) are experts in making precision injection molds for 50TON to 2500TON injection molding press.

Our Plastics Engineering Solutions

Design Engineering

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Process Engineering

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360° Project Management

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