FSI – Fluid Structure Interaction

Simulations are based on assumptions. Accuracy of simulations depend on type and number of assumptions. For projects with fluid and structural loads, simulations with structure or fluidics only require non interaction assumption. This non interaction assumption reduces accuracy of both fluidics and structural simulations performed independently.

The advantage of Fluid Structure Interaction simulation is that both fluidics and structural simulations are solved simultaneously. This simulations reduces the major assumption that fluidics and structural are independent. Depending on type of simulation i.e. displacement, force or thermal loading accuracy of the simulation can increase by 20~30%.

FSI simulations can be one way or two way. One way FSI simulations include effects of one structural or fluidics on the other. Like deformation of structure on flow path of the fluidics model or deformation due to flow path. Two way FSI capture the effect of flow path on structure and structural deformation on flow path geometry. As in two way FSI fluid and structural simulations are coupled while solving.