Design Engineering

The crucial stage in Product Development

Design engineering is responsible for converting a concept or an idea into engineering specifications. Material and manufacturing process selection for each component is defined by design engineering. Material grade selection is critical for plastic injection molded component, as each type and classification of plastic may have hundreds or even thousands of material grades. Thousands of new thermoplastic materials are added to the material data bases each year.

Component design with metal comes with standards and rules for strength, machinability and production time. For plastic materials there are no rules for design, only guidelines from the material manufacturer for the particular grade.

Challenges in Part Design Engineering

Designing parts and assemblies with plastics can be challenging. There are several sources of plastic part design guidelines. There are general guidelines for thermoplastics and thermosets. Also there are specific guidelines for specific grades of plastics from material manufacturer. Also most of the time tool/mold makers and molders have their recommendations on part design.

The question of “selecting a specific grade of plastic then designing the part or designing the part then specifying the grade of plastic” can delay the project. Also most of the time tool/mold makers and molders have their recommendations on part design.

Following are some of the challenges during Part/Assembly design

  • Material properties have wider margins than metals
  • Design guidelines have wide margins
  • Recommendations form tool/mold maker and molder are conflicting
  • Material selection as wide range of grades and material properties for any given type of thermoplastic

Our Part Design Engineering Services

We specialize in design engineering with our knowledge and experience of several manufacturing processes and in defining products from concepts.

We help you to convert industrial design requirements to engineering requirements.

Product design may involve assembly of components from various different manufacturing process. Our design engineering specialists help you define all the components in the product and select the manufacturing process for each component. Defining component includes material selection, shape, size, fit, finish and structural integrity.

For plastic components, design engineering relies heavily on design guidelines published by plastic manufacturer. We not just help your design engineers effectively collaborate with mold/tooling engineer to design the component, but we also ensure the structural integrity, tolerances, shape and material selection.

In a nutshell, our part design engineering services cover the following areas:

  • CAD Modelling

  • Specific material grade selection with back up options

  • Structural integrity (structural analysis)

  • Tolerance analysis

  • Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

  • Design For Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA)

  • Design for Six Sigma

  • Selecting secondary processes

  • Converting industrial design requirements to engineering requirements

  • Generating 3D and 2D geometries

The design of component then sets the direction of tooling requirements.

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